penetration testing

Penetration testing simulates a malicious attack in order to perform in-depth testing to determine the feasibility and impact ​of an attack. The penetration testing includes both automated and manual testing, including, but not limited to authentication, authorization, session management, input/output validation, configuration, sensitive data handling, privilege escalation, error handling, logical vulnerability checks, and business logic. Vulnerabilities identified during the penetration testing process are exploited to determine the level of risk posed by the security issue. 

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Cybersecurity and Data Analytics Specialists 

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security engineering

Security engineering includes providing technical expertise throughout the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to develop and implement solutions to defend against hacking, malware, ransomware, insider threats, and cyber threats. The security expertise is specific to Security Controls,  Secure Design Guidelines, Threat Modeling, Secure Architecture and Design Review, Secure Code Review, Security Testing, and Secure Deployment. We assist clients with designing, building, and deploying secure solutions throughout the System Development Life Cycle, while reducing financial, legal, and reputational risks. 

OUR value proposition

Square One Technologies Inc, founded in 2014 in Metropolitan Washington D.C., is a SDVOSB, WOSB, and certified MBE (CRMDSC) that provides cybersecurity and data analytics services to clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Our company is differentiated from our competitors by our client focus, personalized service, integrity, and high quality deliverables. We strive to be more than a service provider, and have become a trusted advisor to our valued clients.

data analytics

We provide expertise in developing predictive models, statistical analysis, data mining, and text mining approaches that use unstructured and semi-structured data. We offer methods tailored to reporting, data visualization designs, scorecards, and ad hoc querying using data. Our methods  examine data sets in order to find trends and draw conclusions about the information. Our team of experts has in-depth competency to analyze data to enable organizations to make data driven decisions. Through data analytics techniques, it is possible to interpret data to detect trends or discover revelations that will help in decision making to achieve organizational success

security assessment

The security assessments can help clients balance business needs with security best practices. The security assessments assist clients to identify vulnerabilities and security control gaps. The end result includes an analysis of security vulnerabilities and security control gaps, as well as creating a report with remediation recommendations. The report will include vulnerabilities and recommendations for how to remediate vulnerabilities identified. The report is presented to executives and key stakeholders, explaining the vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation.